Aley’s Sam Utils
© Aley Keprt 1994-2005

Release February 2005

Aley’s Sam Utils is a package of a few independent utilities for PC AT (Windows & DOS) aimed to Sam Coupé emulation support.

Included utilities:

SMD 4.61 = “Sam Master Dos” [23.01.2005]
This program works with .dsk/.sad images like they were a .zip or .rar packages, i.e. you can view and extract the contents of the disk images.
Writing of files (adding them to a disk image) is not supported.
Supported disk image formats: .DSK, .SAD, .SAD.GZ (GZip compressed SAD).
SMD supports both SamDos and MasterDos diskettes, including subdirectories and nonstandard disk formats (> 80 files).
Type smd without any arguments to see more on running the program.

SBK 5.00 = “Sam Backup” [01.04.1998]
This program is intended to make a backup of a real diskette and restored the backup. It converts real diskettes to image files and vice versa.
The current version run in Windows 95/98/ME and may also run in pure MS-DOS.
It isn’t expected to be run in Windows NT/2000/XP.
Type smd without any arguments to see more on running the program.

2SAD 1.01 = “To SAD” [1999]
This program converts among three disk image formats: .DSK, .SAD, .SAD.GZ.
It is mainly intended to easily pack SAD files with GZip compression.
You can also use it to convert .DSK to .SAD and vice versa (including de/compression).
Type smd without any arguments to see more on running the program.
Note: The version is marked as 1.0, and it is 1.01 in DOS, and 1.00 in Windows. Both are the same in functionality.

STI 1.10 = "Sam Text Importer" [05.02.2005] - requires Microsoft.NET 1.1
This program imports text files from Sam Coupé. It does import both file format and code page.
This is a remake of my very old program called Unicon, which was able to import a huge number of Sam text file formats to the variety of PC file formats (including bold, italics and other text attributes which vere supported by some Sam Coupe text editors).
STI can import Axword, Tasword 2 files and Desktop files, encoded in US English ASCII or Czech encoding.
This program may also be run in Linux and MacOS using Mono environment.

Important note:
All these programs are command line utilities. They don't have any GUI! To run these program from within a Windows, you should at first start cmd from Start/Run menu to start the console window (looks like an MS-DOS window). Then you can run these utilities from withing that console window. You can also use command line of Total Commander, or similar file manager.

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