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coop-Ray/-2007-Nov-12 00:07
ohne titel.dmf 2543171994-Jun-30 22:35
it's for you.dmf 3046391994-Oct-03 10:49
blip.dmf 4389771994-Dec-11 15:53
acid people.dmf 2679901994-Dec-11 16:00
everytime you fuck up.dmf 4838641994-Dec-11 16:27
fly with me into my trance.dmf 2170691994-Dec-12 16:40
feel me in my house.dmf 4349551994-Dec-23 19:52
in da beginning was darkness.dmf 3161831995-Jan-01 15:52
you only have a few seconds.dmf 4408861995-Jan-06 17:27
a bassdrum, a hihat.dmf 2173781995-Jan-28 15:39
the mental atmosphere.dmf 4883601995-Jan-28 15:56
the house of love (acidhouse).dmf 2936281995-Feb-25 14:38
the house of love (radio mix).dmf 3861381995-Mar-04 11:40
the house of love ('94.o.ver).dmf 4550191995-Mar-31 09:16
taste that acid !.dmf 1816631995-Mar-31 09:34
everbody pump somebody !.dmf 4335051995-Apr-01 00:00
the sounds feels so good.dmf 4050931995-Apr-01 00:00
the trancental acid !.dmf 5575591995-Apr-01 00:00
people - what they can do.dmf 4673771995-Apr-01 00:00
legend has been written.dmf 5504091995-Apr-06 14:42
the effect of the moment.dmf 9243941995-Aug-14 22:11
weird worlds of lsd!.dmf 7012821995-Aug-14 23:21
10 seconds to bring them back!.dmf 6831801995-Sep-21 06:08
burning vibrations!.dmf 6576441995-Oct-06 08:37
come back to me !.dmf 6369151995-Oct-08 15:30
let ya body move.dmf 6283011995-Oct-10 17:00
hypnotic vibes !.dmf 5617131995-Oct-10 17:27
jack loves the house.dmf 4668171995-Oct-13 14:51
take you higher!.dmf 8112241995-Oct-13 14:53
the underworld!.dmf 7863791995-Oct-28 13:07
luv is around ! (original house version!).dmf 7187871995-Oct-28 17:15
luv is around ! (luv'somebody edit).dmf 7796361995-Oct-28 17:17
luv at planet apixydia !.dmf 9899991995-Nov-11 07:44
outside destination !.dmf 9338891995-Nov-11 12:45
the trancentral existence !.dmf 8472421995-Nov-12 14:35
angels in heaven !.dmf 9534891995-Nov-14 18:51
the break of the beat !.dmf 9029241995-Nov-17 20:41
it ain't a funny bass !.dmf 7808341995-Dec-18 12:57
moments of losin' control!.dmf 8230411995-Dec-18 13:26
hypnotic groove !.dmf 8454691995-Dec-18 13:33
mysterious frequencies !.dmf 4498341996-Jan-24 20:17
imprisoned at area51 !.dmf 6927341996-Jan-24 20:19
unlogische gedankenfunktionen.dmf 9240141996-Jan-24 20:22
welcome to another trip !.dmf 7614491996-Jan-24 20:25
behind the moon !.dmf 7836081996-Jan-24 20:25
harder junglism of desertstorm.dmf 7561711996-Feb-19 17:44
we need some rhythm !.dmf 8682821996-Feb-24 14:42
once upon a time - to hard to edit.dmf 6829221996-Mar-09 21:33
boring afternoon - the people edit.dmf 10216201996-Mar-16 10:32
another kick in your face !.dmf 7465201996-Mar-16 19:54
hass an hass.dmf 6412011996-Mar-21 16:22
the dirty animal fuck !.dmf 8055771996-Mar-30 12:55
move twice on this !.dmf 8685791996-Apr-01 20:31
rock the house !.dmf 10441091996-Apr-05 19:53
turn up the house !.dmf 8625541996-Apr-05 20:59
nobody needs cocaine to fly !.dmf 7987741996-May-18 16:55
how low can it go !.dmf 7140571996-May-18 17:26
the bass control.dmf 10361441996-Jun-14 17:55
there is jack on my organ.dmf 6545971996-Jun-14 20:38
let there be deep house.dmf 9767571996-Jun-14 20:44
movement of the plastic world!.dmf 7967202004-Sep-13 20:18
11mins (original street edit).dmf 10188472004-Sep-13 20:18
11mins (strictly bassline edit).dmf 9943062004-Sep-13 20:18
free minds at trancentral !.dmf 8722922004-Sep-13 20:18
the mind, the body & the soul!.dmf 9842222004-Sep-13 20:18
want zum acid (11 mins bonus trk).dmf 8653232004-Sep-13 20:18
love is a secret.dmf 4459542004-Oct-01 03:05
demanding minds.dmf 4605602004-Oct-01 03:07
the part of love.dmf 5144602004-Oct-01 03:07
4-3-2-1 speeeeeeeeeeed.dmf 4329472004-Oct-01 03:07
voodoo people edit.dmf 6482722005-Mar-08 03:56
no good (start the dance) rmix.dmf 5535112009-Apr-15 18:43
cocaine - drugs gonna me hip.dmf 5309602011-Aug-10 17:28